About Us

Brew Perfect was born with a simple vision, to enable everyone to enjoy fresh local coffee from great local roasters.  We tried the local supermarkets who have some great offerings but it didn’t give us access to the fantastic coffee roasters we have across Vancouver.

As third wave coffee has grown Vancouver has been at the forefront of this movement with exciting roasters each with a story and uniqueness which should be celebrated.  This is what Brew Perfect is looking to achieve through its own little endeavour in the Vancouver coffee world.

We aim to bring our customers on a journey of discovery, delivering new coffees freshly roasted to order and shipped to you.  Showcasing two new coffee’s each month depending on your chosen flavour profile.  Each coffee having its own coffee card with tasting notes and background on farmer and/or the roaster.

Having carefully chosen a small number of specialty batch coffee roasters from Vancouver made the decision so much easier: these beans need to be available to everyone. We will be selecting new roasters throughout the year keeping you guessing and anticipating the arrival of your next box.

Once you start to try the specially selected roasts we are sure you will agree too. As we start this journey with Brew Perfect we will carefully sample and select two new coffees for you to try each month, building up your individual taste profile. You can purchase the coffee of the month as an addition to the subscription box or decide this is the one for me and have a reoccurring order... its all up to you.

Our inventory of coffee will be available to you, the aim is to start this mid 2020 and this will grow as our subscription boxes are delivered and each featured coffee is available for purchase after the feature month. 

We are excited to start this journey together and hope to build long-lasting relationships with producers of coffee and delicacies which compliment your morning cup of joe.

Local - Our vision is to promote local businesses to the local community by sourcing the very best freshly roasted coffee beans and choosing local supplier for all of our printing and packaging too. We’re collaborating with some of the most significant coffee roasters in town. This principle helps us deliver to one of our main goals as a company. We want you to enjoy every cup and know you are supporting local businesses and our local economy at the same time. If there was a win-win we think this is it.

From farm to cup, we wish to be a part of the journey that allows you to enjoy premium coffee to start your day off in the brew perfect way.

In order to keep up with all that this beautiful province has to offer, we want to strive for excellence and emulate the glory of this land with superior service and impeccable quality with each and every box that is delivered straight to your door.


Get in Touch

Email: info@brewperfectbox.com

Call: (604) 772 2072