Coffee Subscription


  • 2 Bags Approx 24 oz – 48 cups

    Two of our favorite roasts specially curated for you to enjoy each month. From the surprises our fruity & complex roasts will bring to the delightful Bold & Rich we select the perfect combination for you to enjoy.

  • 3 Bags Approx 36oz – 72 cups

    These delicately roasted beans will provide a sweet, sometimes fruity flavor with a more complex flavor profile than darker roasts. Often from African coffee farmers they are a treat to savor.

  • 4 Bags Approx 48oz – 96 cups

    Bringing you a sweet and sometimes chocolatey flavour profile these will be rich and sweet giving you a full body cup of joe. Often compared to the more usual coffee taste, but there is nothing ordinary about this selection.

Tax included, free shipping in British Columbia.

Get exactly what you want, in the quantity you need.  With a monthly shipment there is no need for a bad coffee day again.


Our featured bags will usually be 12oz but from time to time we will include 10oz or 14oz bags from specialist roasters.